Break Old Thought Patterns


Life-changing Coaching for repetitive thinking that no longer serves you.

  • Are you sick and tired of obsessing about the same thought over and over?
  • Does fear, self-doubt and anxiety often accompany these thought loops?
  • Do you struggle with talking about the same negative thought with family and friends?
  • Do your thoughts about people or issues keep you up at night or pop-up during the most inopportune time?
  • Do you hate that no matter how you try, you can't seem to break out of the thought cycles?
  • Do negative thoughts about yourself play over and over until you have more negative than positive thoughts about yourself?

Why do we have these vicious thought cycles?

Our brains are designed to get the most for the least energy. Unfortunately, that means our brains will take the path of least resistance when we reflect on a problem or try to find a solution. Have you ever found yourself assuming something, based on very little information, only to discover later you were totally wrong? Well that was your brain using its experiences to make sense of a thought. Sometimes our thought patterns are pleasant, however, often the patterns become obsessive and negative. 

Even as adults our brains are malleable and can change the way they process new information or how they handle old situations using new tools. It takes practice, guidance, and effort, but I can get you there! What will you do with all the time you no longer spend chasing the squirrels in your head?

I can help.

  • Through weekly 60 minute coaching sessions examine limiting believes, uncover self-compassion, and set goals that move you toward more controlled thoughts and emotions.
  • Together, we will discover thought triggers and locate the source of thoughts.
  • We will work to develop new tools and more life-affirming thought strategies.
  • You'll discover how to replace thought loops with positive thinking that creates energy and hope.
  • Gain freedom from self-loathing, blame, and pre-occupation.
  • I offer a free, no obligation, 60 to 90 minute phone or face-to-face consultation to see if we are a good fit. After our session I'll spend about 5 minutes sharing my fees and terms of working together.