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MIND FEED Digital Instructions

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MIND FEED Digital Instructions

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MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations


Your mind believes everything you tell it. Feed it something good.

Most of us do a fair amount of thinking. Our minds are designed to think, and not all our thoughts are constructive. Have you ever tried to stop thinking about something? How did that work for you? Probably not very well, because we can’t stop our minds from doing what they are designed to do. However, we can train our minds to embrace only the thoughts that serve us best.

MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations are encouraging thoughts we read and repeat at every opportunity, until they become beliefs. Once the powerful affirmations are beliefs, your subconscious acts on them.

What we think about most often is what will penetrate our subconscious. By feeding our minds positive content, we force it into action. Your mind will look for and create situations that mirror the MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations you’ve been consuming.

Change your thoughts, change your life. 

MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations are great tools when it comes to creating change. They lay the foundation for creating a situation and circumstance for achieving our goals.

Angry squirrels or negative chatter?

Most chatter, or thoughts we have, are usually negative. MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations help eliminate negative thinking, therefore allowing us to replace the negative chatter with positive thoughts.

Can I use MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations to help others?  

Despite our best efforts, we can’t use powerful affirmations to help or change another person’s thoughts or behaviors. MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations will not make someone like, love or do what we want. Furthermore, MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations won’t change something that has already happened; it’s a mindset, not a time machine.

Improve relationships by improving yourself. 

We can’t use MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations to make someone understand us better, listen or participate. We can, however, focus on our contribution to the relationship. Use MIND FEED Powerful Affirmations to focus on your actions. For example, “I find ways to help my partner understand me,” or “I find effective ways to communicate my wants and needs.”

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