Reduce Fear and Anxiety


Learn methods to embrace, reduce the impact or remove completely unwelcome feelings.

  • Do you find yourself lost in thought about 'worst case scenarios?'
  • Have your reacted negatively to a loved-one based on what you thought might happen?
  • Do you have thought loops that replay fearful possibilities that create heightened anxiety?
  • Have you lost more than a normal amount of time being fearful or anxious?
  • Do you avoid trying new things, going to new places or meeting new people due to fear of failing? ​
  • Do your fearful thoughts about people or issues keep you up at night or pop-up during the most inopportune time?
  • Do negative thoughts about yourself play over and over until you have more negative than positive thoughts about yourself?

I can help

  • Through weekly 60 minute coaching sessions examine limiting believes, uncover self-compassion, and set goals that move you toward more controlled thoughts and emotions.
  • Together, we will confront your anxieties in a problem solving, effective way.
  • Depending on your needs, we will work to develop new tools and more life affirming thought strategies.
  • Discover how to observe neutrally without judging and labeling thoughts and behaviors.
  • I offer a free, no obligation, 60 to 90 minute phone or face-to-face consultation to see if we are a good fit. After our session I'll spend about 5 minutes sharing my fees and terms of working together.​​

Learning to live authentically

Studies show that anxiety is reduced when individuals live a more authentic, mindful, and value-centered life. Together we will identify your values and then create tools for bringing your life in alignment with those values. You will start with small goals and make small changes. At first, the small changes may seem insignificant. But as those small changes and actions become part of aligning your life with you values, you will see, feel and think in a more positive way. The result will be a more authentic, mindful, and value centered life.